Tactical Security Services

Tactical Security Company in Nigeria

Crisotex Tactical Security Company offers a world class Security and Protection Services similar to those obtained in the UK, USA, South Africa and other developed nations. As a private Guard Company, our services are open to the public, private sector, individuals, government parastatals/Agencies/Organisations, Industries and every organised Sector.

Training Courses:

  • Security Guarding
  • Close Protection
  • Maritime Security
  • Port Security
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Conflict Management
  • Medical Courses
  • Kidnap and Ransom/Escape and Evasion
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • CQB/CQC/Self Defense
  • Tactical and Evasive Driving
  • UAV Pilot Fixed Wing and Rotor
  • Covert/Overt Surveillance and Anti Surveillance
  • Electronic Surveillance and Tracking
  • Forensics
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Cyber Security

This is a small sample of existing courses available. We have various training facilities in the UK, Czech Republic and Nigeria.


  • Security/Event Management
  • Risk Mitigation Management
  • Security Guards
  • Close Protection Operatives
  • Maritime Security Officers
  • Port Security Officers
  • UAV Pilots
  • Medical Personnel
  • Security Drivers
  • Covert/Overt Surveillance Operatives
  • Detectives/Investigators
  • IT Personnel
  • Data Analysts

Brief Outline of systems and equipment:

  • Alarms/CCTV
  • Access Control/Cards and Biometric
  • Face/Number Plate Recognition
  • Secure IT /Data Systems including Wireless
  • Surveillance/Tracking/Counter Measures
  • Communication/Satellite/Wireless/Radio
  • Forensics/IT /DNA/Finger Print
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Armoured Safe Rooms/Storage
  • Ballistic Protection
  • UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
  • IED Detection and Counter Measures
  • X-Ray Scanners/ Metal Detectors
  • Digital Image/Thermal/Infrared
  • GPS/Tracking/Electronic Monitoring
  • Transportation/Ground/Sea/Air

All or some of the above can be integrated into your existing systems via an upgrade incorporating the latest technologies available. We can design and maintain any system to your specific mission requirements and deploy this anywhere this dictates. Whatever your missions we can recruit, train, equip and deploy, existing or new personnel to give them the best possible chance of success.

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